Free for All-My Son the Fanatic

How easy is it to move to a totally different country, and to start fresh there, building your family?

In the two short stories, Free for All and My son the fanatic, we can read about two father-son relationships with troubles. In one of the story, the son is totally blocking his father out of his life and is having a lot of secrets. In the other, the son is disrespecting his father. Why are the sons acting up like this? Is it because they feel divided like they belong to two cultures, one in their home and one when they are in school or with friends?
This is a problem many immigrants struggle with on a daily basis. Not only the children but also the parents have their fair share of problems. They are proud to be from their country and certainly want their kids to be too, but that’s not always the case. Many kids rebel against their parents, for example in the two short stories, both kids act up against their parents. Multicultural is simply a term, which describes the cultural and ethnic diversity of contemporary societies.


Kristoffer Løvoll


Question from the movie Lion

What is identity? Well, an identity is a fact of being who or what a person is. Saroo is born in India but is adopted and live most of his life in Australia. This causes Saroo to question his identity. Saroo quits his job to search for his family cutting out all social life. He even dumps his girlfriend. When he finds his original family and travel to India to see his birth mom, he first calls his adoptive mom and dad and tells them that they will always be his parents no matter what. I think that even though Saroo knows he´s from India, he will continue to identify himself as an Australian.

Project Report Operation Day’s Work and International Day

The main goal of operation day’s work is to educate students so that they are aware of the different oil catastrophes that have occurred in the world. The participants will also learn about different kinds of poverty and about imigration.

My task in operation day’s work was to be in charge of the North-south cannonball. It is basically a way of cannonball to show the injustice in world on how the resources and money is distributed unfairly around in the different countries all over the world.

In the preparation process we made posters about the north-south cannonball to allure people to go and play cannonball. We also considered having an obstacle course but we decided to drop that idea. The cannonball stand was a success and it was one of the most popular stands for the students.

I believe we did a good job dividing the students in to teams and instruct them with the rules, but if I need to choose something I could have done better is that maybe I could have been stricter with the participants. Some were weary loud and didn´t do as we said, and some just sat on the sideline and didn’t even want to play. Ecatrina was really good at this though.

I think that International day was really successful, it made the students on Fagerlia more aware then we are on subjects like, global challenges, poverty, immigration and so on. Next time though maybe the students that were “leaders” could be a bit more informed of what their task is during international day. It was weary educational on my behalf, I learned quite a bit on international day. I visited a few stands that I learned a lot from. For example the police officer that talked about “Siem Pilot” and the refugee situation in the Mediterranean.

Siem pilot is a boat that saved 975 people in the Mediterranean and brought them safe to Italy and Greece. I also visited a movie room, with all different kinds of movies that all had weary important subjects. For instance one movie was about pollution and poverty and what will happen with our economy when the livelihood of fishermen and farmers disappear. One movie was about environmentalist in Nigeria that documented the oil spill in the nature.

I think this was a great day, learning many new things about important subjects that we are working on in International English. Before I started the day I decided that I was going to be eager to learn something new, and that was exactly what I did. On Operation Day’s work I worked at home, helping my mom by cleaning the house.


-Kristoffer Løvoll

UN sustainable development goal number 13

I choose to talk about SDG number thirteen because in the way I see it, it´s the most important goal to complete. Because, if we manage to stop the drastic effect of climate change, and stop the greenhouse gas emission to rise you will see that many other SDG´s will start to be completed.

For example, if the climate changes for the worse, life on land will be threatened (nr 15), life below water will be threatened (nr 14). says “Maize, wheat and other major crops have experienced significant yield reductions at the global level of 40 megatons per year between 1981 and 2002 due to a warmer climate”, which is a problem for SDG number 2, zero hunger. So by focusing on climate action, UN will get a good start on three other goals and maybe more so.

On it also says “The annual average losses from earthquakes, tsunamis, tropical cyclones and flooding amount to hundreds of billions of dollars, requiring an investment of US$6 billion annually in disaster risk management alone”. That’s a lot of money, so by focusing on SDG number thirteen it will not only save money but also kick-start many other goals, making it easier for UN and the worlds country to reach them.



Texas flood-climate change

Homework International English

How did it make you feel?

Reading the text about the flood in Houston Texas didn´t really make me feel something. Of course I feel sorry for all the people that have lost their homes and property. But catastrophes are happening all the time, every time I reed the news it´s a new horrible catastrophe and people have lost their homes. After reading about things like that every day, it has made me not “immune” about things like that but maybe indifferent.

But don´t take this the wrong way, I am not some cold hearted person that doesn´t care about stuff like this, because I do. But it´s so common now that we can´t start crying and make a big deal about it when it is happening almost every day.


What did you learn from it?

The article had many informative things that I didn’t know about. Like how unusual Harvey the hurricane is.

In the article they write that it´s normal for a hurricane to get weaker the closer it gets to shore, but Harvey got stronger right before it struck land. Why so you may ask?

Well that’s because after a while a hurricane absorbs water from the sea, and that water is cold making the hurricane smaller and weaker. But why didn´t the same thing happened to Harvey? Global warming! Global warming heated up the surface of the water outside Texas so that the temperature levels rose to between 2.7 and 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit, making it one of the warmest spots of water in the world.

So a conclusion is that the reason why the hurricane is so strong is because of us, the people of the earth. We are causing global warming, making the globe and the waters warmer, and then the heated up world is making the hurricane among other things stronger and more disastrous.


What would you like to find out more about?

After reading the article I started thinking, why?

Why are we humans destroying our fragile world, can´t we just stop using our fossil fuel, and start using more green alternatives. Of course it´s easy for me to sit behind my computer and just say, “o it´s so easy, why can´t everyone just stop contaminate the earth and using more green alternatives”. But it´s not that easy, if it was then the world would have been green a long time ago. That’s why we slowly need to step down the amount of contaminating energy we are using and slowly turn to greener alternatives.

So what would I find out more about?

Well, what should those greener alternatives be?

And, how should we proceed with making the world a better place?


Do you agree with the points made in the article? Why/why not?

Yes I do agree with some of the points made here. The writers of the article are stating facts of the consequences of global warming and the devastation that follows.

It´s obviously man made, and that need to stop right away or else it´s only going to get worse.